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Originally Posted by kdean View Post
For those interested in my new project, i'll post this here and now sence were on the topic of 500 helis.

Here is a link to the kit:

I've been buying things here and there that was going to be used in the 500 i have now, but for $105 i could build another 500 so why not.

This is what i have waiting around, and what will be installed in the new frame.

Cc bec pro
scorpion 3226-1600kv motor
cc ice 75 esc
turnigy 930mg cyclic servos (very good for cheap)
savox 1357 tail servo (only because of the orange that will match the color of the canopy and the beastX)
TracX fbl head
Coco's custom battery tray (he no longer makes these, and he forgot to sign the new one he sent me)
Align slant main gear 132t (that reminds me, i still need to order the 12t slant pinion)
beastX 3.08
walkera 2801pro rx

I also have an align swash and tail grips incase the hk stuff it not up to snuff.

I orderd 2 metal rx trays and a metal base plate along with the kit. One tray for the rx and the other i will install over the tail case for the beastX. That will keep it away from tail vibes, and make maintainence and repair easier.

It should be a quick build, but i will have to go through every bolt and nut to check hk quality control.
Okay, i just looked over the heli and what your planning on installing. It looks pretty good. That rotor head and swash that it comes with look pretty decent too. I just have one, in my opinion, major suggestion. I don't know if your doing 3D. Even if your not. I highly recommend you grab yourself some new CF main blades for this build. Those FRP blades it comes with will be very sloppy and have a slow, delayed pitch response. They are pretty bad on a 450 and with bigger size they probably get even more flexible and sloppy response.

They are cheap so they are good for testing or if you think the heli is going to go down for any reason. But otherwise they perform quite poorly.
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