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another view

and now a comment by pauliwog:
Hey, Interesting that you asked about which direction I circled because since that question has arisen on your thread I've been wondering about the most effective direction to circle my glider.

So, When I was out flying last (the same flying session that I posted about) I tried both directions and I couldn't really tell much difference but I "think" the plane may have moved a little slower from my perspective and turned a bit flatter when my plane was travelling clockwise in the thermals(as if viewed from above). At least twice I tried to change direction in mid thermal, but that didn't seem to work very well, I think they were small enough it just made me fly out and lose the thermal. The thermals I was in weren't very strong and did'nt seem to take my plane any higher than about 250 feet up so I think also the rotation speed was probably pretty low also.

My experience is that the much more visible vortex's of dust-devils and hay/grass-devils are more visible because these are the debris-filled bottom feeder columns below a MUCH bigger and fast rising mass of air above them where the "real" thermal is. I think that vortex is simply new air rushing in to fill a low pressure area left behind the buoyant large rising mass above.
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