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Originally Posted by RotaryC View Post
Yes, customs charge I think, plus an additional handling fee, its only 13.24 but thats not the point, to the best of my knowledge customs don't charge for just processing an item (could be wrong though) and Royal Mail have already been paid to handle to package so why they're charging additional handling charges is beyond me but I wont be using them again, its more the fact its been sat on a shelf in the sorting office for 2 weeks thats annoying - definitely going to argue the costs though, they do it ever time I order something large, never happens with the small expensive stuff - just another way for them to get more money out of you.
Sounds like they didn't "gift" it to you. You got nailed by VATs i'm pretty sure.

Originally Posted by kdean View Post
Ha, you guys have it good. If i want to get a package in two weeks i have to pay a seperate shipping company that ships to the bahamas (normally between $20 - $30). Then bahamas customs adds the cost of the product plus all shipping charges, and charges me 45% of that. So a $100 package (after shipping) will cost me $175. I guess thats another reason i like 'cheap' stuff.
I suppose this is rubbing it in. But when i ordered my Gaui X5 I got free shipping with it, for the same listed price as everywhere else and it arrived in 2 days from PA to FL. I know everyone wants to call it "Walkera Bashing" but honestly. My best buying experiences in this hobby to date were with Rick at for my X5. He actually had contact with me to make sure i received it okay and that i was enjoying it. He even went so far as to pay for shipping and a HIGHER PRICE for a 2801-pro RX that i ordered from him but he oversold. Rather then possibly delay my order or cause me any grief. HE ATE THE COSTS and even advertised for another website by making a gift order for the 2801-pro RX at and having it mailed directly to me with invoices and everything. That is above and beyond in my book. Then my next best experiences are with my local hobby shops. I actually found a pretty good one near buy. It sucks that you don't have any kind of LHS. But NO LHS anywhere carries Walkera products. Even in Hong Kong from what i hear. Maybe in China somewhere, but to my knowledge it's a street vendor/flee marketed product or sold online as a majority.

Originally Posted by RotaryC View Post
Yeah I buy online, even though I have LHS's in the town centre, they don't stock WK stuff so have to buy online, I prefer it though, used to buying online and waiting for delivery its just when things get held up due to customs charges etc, it gets a little irritating but it is what it is lol

The recent interactions with my LHS have been EXCELLENT. They handed me a new AR8000 because there was one missing from the box. Then when i told the guy about the hassle and shipping expenses today about getting my TM1000 module exchanged though Horizon, he discounted the TM1000 i bought today and said "That should offset your shipping expenses, I'm sorry i can't get it replaced for you but we really appreciate your business over shopping online. Because we know you have a choice"

But once i stopped dealing with people who specifically deal with Walkera. Suddenly there was a sign of customer support! A phone number to call and a technical support line. All of a sudden i had someone to ask questions face to face! I went there and i could physically pick up and test my TX before i bought it. They would have even let me fly the Nano CPX i was looking at if i wanted to buy it, or at the least they would have hovered it for me to show it's working right.

For me, i have an accelerated learning curve and i enjoy researching. So having face time with a LHS is not the biggest deal. But could you imagine how much help that would have been when you first started out over getting a Walkera that has no such thing? In fact, go ahead, take a Walkera to a LHS and see what they say. You won't like it if you like your Walkera heli. I can promise you that. But i'm going to let the one guy fly my V120d02S and surprise the hell out of him. You watch. I should bring a camera, lol.

And i just realized. Your in the UK.. So you wouldn't get any of that support or anything more then a guy to talk shop with. This international thing really does suck for everyone. In 2012 you would think a company that can communicate to and from anywhere in the world could offer some FREAKING SUPPORT! That goes both for Horizon and Walkera. Depending on where you live, even horizon doesn't have support internationally.
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