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Originally Posted by kdean View Post
Nice collection integrity. I had 3 V400D02's at one point. One is still NIB. When i started gettin into bigger helis, my 'parts money' did not streach that far anymore. So i super modded one, sold one, and will sell the other soon.
The one that is all stock is not mine, someone mailed it to me to fix. I don't have it any longer. The yellow one was for sale but it's looking like it's worth more as a backup heli/ parts heli then it is for sale. Especially since i was selling it with almost all of my spare parts and a hand full of batteries and things like that. Servo horns, servo gears, main gears, main rotor heads, all kinds of stuff. So i'm just kind of sitting on it for now. The white one is the only one i fly. The Yellow one has literally only taken to the skies maybe 3-4 times for the test flights to make sure everything was setup right. Plus it has a "new" v450 swash, which has a different resolution on the cyclic than the older one does. It inhibits/calms the cyclic limits quite a bit. Since i don't have the "new" main rotor head with the longer blade grip ball linkages on it to compensate it just flips a little slow for me. So i have to find a place to get the "old" swashes that won't just mail me a "new" one like they are the same thing, when they absolutely are not.

I hope helipal is not still doing this because they still have both new and old listed but the last time i ordered the old ones they simply sent the new ones instead. I had to go sell them to the guy at my flee market. I think i actually made a profit so it's not that big a deal. But for all the hassle of shipping back to hong kong/china i would have been screwed. It's not like i bought just a single swash either. Which makes it kind of messed up. Plus, you know they always try and pull some kid of "restocking fee" or some BS at all of these places. So i got lucky. But it sucks i have to order one swash at a time just because i don't know if the vendor understands that IT'S NOT THE SAME FREAKING PART!!!!

All of this, what i call "Walkera nonsense" or "Walkera Antics" is really annoying. All because they couldn't simply make it the V450D02 or the V450D01S or ANYTHING but the same model number and parts numbers. What is eventually going to happen is the old style swash will no longer be available and i will be forced to buy a Align DFC head and swash to replace them. Because after the way Walkera has treated me with every one of their helicopters i have bought. I'm not going to replace them with the "new" rotor and swash, that much is for sure. I'm just sick of being discontinued, unavailable, or plain having parts changed to something cheaper and less efficent while discontinuing the older parts and charging more for the newer ones. I just don't think Walkera has a clue what they are doing as a company, direction wise or design wise either. I think their only good engineers must have joined their team in 2011 and left mid 2012. Thats my speculation.
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