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Originally Posted by Mtrhd0024 View Post
I have now made about 10 flights with this thing (no crashes so far, fingers crossed!) and it insists on wanting to bank to the left, to the point where i have to use full right aileron to get it to fly straight and level, and if I hold it full right for about 10 seconds, it will SLOWWWLYYYY start to bank to the right.
Anyone else have this problem?
No, never to that degree. Occasionally people will find that the plane leans a little this
way or that (usually due to some warpage during build or hangar abuse), and it
can usually be addressed by balancing a little aileron trim against a little opposite rudder trim.
For instance if my SW were banked a little to the right while flying straight, I'd
give it a little right rudder trim, and left aileron trim until it flew wings level. Or if
it only pulls to the right on-throttle, then give it some left rudder trim, and right aileron trim
to offset, as the rudder is most affected by prop wash.

The only thing I can think of that would require full aileron stick to fly level, would be a twisted
wing, perhaps having occurred when you glued the wing halves together, so one
whole wing half is at a slightly different angle of attack than the other. Tape some long
straight dowels or carbon rods to the flat bottom of the airfoil at the root and tips of both
wing halves, sticking out in front of the wing, and then sight along the length of the wing
to see if they're all aligned with each other.

As for the slooowww response. Have never seen that. My SW is very responsive
on roll axis. I don't use any rudder input for aggressive flying. I do use about 50% differential
(50% more up throw than down), to provide axial rolls with less drag.

Requiring down trim (elevator trailing edge below horizontal stab trailing edge) with an optimal
CG, is normal. There's a lot of decalage built into the horizontal stab (effectively up elevator trim)
so as the CG moves back you have to dial that out.

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