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I've used Sig 25% nitro fuel, the one with Castor oil, and it is a solid runner for small engines.

I recently bought O'Donnell 30% nitro Heli fuel, through feedback. Then found their website that states it is all synth. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.

For the Cox .049's, Bernie at Cox International has extra piston and cylinder combinations in case I wear one out. Those would not run as well if they had a build up of Castor in the cylinder walls.

In all cases, I think the thing that will ruin an engine in no time is overheating (running too big or too high pitch a prop) or running excessively lean. I like to tweak a touch rich and watch it lean out a little (not excessive, just right) in the air.

But you are right, to be on the safe side for older engines and plain bearing (not ball bearing) engines, a mixture that has Castor oil is a good safe bet.

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