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The first 500 i got was the hk500cmt. I thought i orderd a tt version, so i was shocked to find i got a belt version. It did not matter because i also orderd a complete align tt tail section due to the bad reports about the cmt tt gears and grips. When i first started flying it, i was using the stock fb head along with the 2702v. It was crazy stable. I was also just comeing up from 400 and 450 sized helis. After the first few flights i was in love with the 500 size. It also gave me the most problems out of all of my helis. I was flying with a bad servo that would stop working every now and then, so i crashed a couple times before i solved that problem. Then when i got a tracX fbl head installed, the 2702 started doing the lock out thing. I flew it for a while with the lock out problem, thinking it was a power issue and trying different bec's. I've been picking up spare servos and upgrade electronics with the intent of blinging it out, but i found that hk had released the 500tt, with the tail servo mounted in the frame. Almost the same frame as the align 500 pro, but the same width as the old esp. This means all my spare parts are interchangable. So i'm gunna bling out the new frame, and make the old one my 500 beater (until the wife makes me sell it). I already have a guy at the field who wants me to build him a 500, but i like the idea of haveing two.....

The reasons i prefer the 500 size over the 600 (that is close to the 550 size) is because it is stable in moderate winds, meaning i can fly it more days out of the year. Its not so big that it scares other people at the park or field. I dont need a huge space to fly it. And the parts are not that expensive (compared to 600 parts). Tarot also clones the 500 parts. 2650mah 6s packs are affordable. Im now stocking up on 3000/3300mah packs that i can use in the 500 and in the 600.

The tt gears are more forgiving than 450 gears, so you could take off and land in some grass. They also last in a moderate crash. I stocked up on front tt gears thinking it would be like the 450 but they are not getting much use. The tail shaft does have the tendency to bend and get traped in the tail case bearing. I've had to cut through two so far, but with the lock out and servo problems solved, i should be crashing less.

The 500 is the size of choise if i had to pick only one. And not the x5 or logo 500 which are more on the 550 size. If the nameing of heli size was standardized, the trex 500 would be a 450 heli.
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