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Originally Posted by RodneyJ View Post
This is why I came here and well, you in particular because I did see your V450 build log, for which I was impressed with btw, to get input on alternatives for flybarless systems. When it comes to flybarless, I have to admit I'm abit in the dark, which is why I bought the V450D01 as a reference heli for the flybarless system. I don't think the heli was a bad choice(that's debatable), just the vendor I bought it from. This V450D01 is, and will be, the LAST factory built RTF I will ever buy. After this experience, just kits from now on

Thank you for your input on the 2703H-D. Knew it wouldn't take long.

The Tarot ZYX and Robird. I will look more into those, thank you.

My intentions for the V450D01, scaling it to a Hughes MD500E. I'm not one for 3D. HobbyKing has a nice 5 blade rotor head that I was going to use for this.
You should maybe also look into upgrading the motor and esc. You can see in my build log the motor and ESC i used there. They cost a grand total of about $35 for both of them. I have not extensively tested the ESC. It does run much warmer than the $50 Hobbywing Platinum 40A i currently fly with. Which does not get warm at all really. I would highly recommend you use the HW Platinum pro 40A since your going to do an enclosed fuse on your bird. Even better would be the Castle creations ICE 50. However, the price difference is substantial. The stock motor and ESC already run very hot. Just make sure there is some type of ventilation passing though there for your ESC and maybe use align AR and main gears to move air around inside the fuse. You didn't make a mistake with the V450D01. It's a good heli airframe. It's just the stock electronics are VERY hit or miss. Probably leaning more toward the "miss" side.

The rotor heads your looking at should work if they come with a shaft and/or are meant to be compatible with the Trex 450 or Trex 450 shaft. You'll just need to read up on blade phasing and get yourself a good digital pitch gauge. I recommend the RC Logger one.

Originally Posted by RodneyJ View Post
So essentially, the 2702V(For those unaware, -D designates Devo) has a long history of failures from yours and other postings I have read. This places a lot of weight on my choice to try other flybarless systems as integrityhndywrk suggested rather than sticking with Walkera. I should have come here to RCgroups first, that's for sure.

If this is the same lady at Walkera I dealt with, the Guy's no better.
Could have been a blessing in disguise. At least you didn't go though countless crashing wondering what the hell was going on before you found out your RX was bad. Or have those servos wreck your nice fuse. Now you can move forward with it. In the end you can end up with a heli that is just as good as an align or clone. It just takes more work and money. But once your done you'll be set and shouldn't have to worry too much. The servos have a short service life and will crash you. If they start acting funny. Replace them. I would follow my build log and install some Align 410M or Savox 0257MG servos to protect that nice expensive fuse from a unknown service life crash. I would also get a Savox 1357 tail servo or the align version. I think its the 510 or something like that. I just like the orange savox cases, logo and stickers they send with each servo You don't need a metal gear servo for the tail. They are too heavy.

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