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Sorry to be so late to the party. I just got my 777 flying last week...a few pictures attached.

For now it's flying on the recommended 3500kv motors and stock fans, but I did make the change to a pair of Turnigy Sentry 30A ESCs after watching one crash on YouTube because of a fried ESC. I mounted them to the top of the wing inside the fuselage where they can stay cooler. Batteries are Turnigy 3s2200 20c packs and seem to be good for 8 minutes of part-throttle flying. One thing that I didn't like on the airframe were the stock plastic hinges...they had a lot of resistance at full control deflection and the servos didn't seem too happy, so I replaced them with some Great Planes control hinges. Servos are much quieter now. I'm using HS-55s for the ailerons and rudder, a separate Turnigy TG-9 for the nose steering, and a Spektrum DS821 that I got with my DX-7 for the elevators.

As you can see in the pictures I fly off a paved strip, and while some think it's underpowered it seems to fly very scale-like as it is. Handling is pretty good, but the light wing loading does cause it to get bounced around quite a bit by wind. It had quite a bit of adverse yaw with full down aileron so I dialed in 30% aileron differential and got rid of most of it. I'm going to try mixing in a little bit of rudder or maybe increasing the aileron differential to 50%, or both and see what it likes.

I'm going to fly it for awhile until the weather makes it unbearable, and over the winter I plan to add retracts and maybe put an airline paint scheme on it. I'm looking at doing something along the lines of Pan Am, TWA, Braniff, Eastern, etc.

Looking forward to flying it more.
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