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I'm converting the video now so that it can be uploaded to YouTube. I should have it up in about 45 min or so.

About the video. There's not a lot to see except that the weather was perfect and my park is too small. It's mostly sound effects. You can see the plane launch and land, and there are a few glimpses of it in the air, but mostly it's just what I call a " proof of flight video " if ya know what I mean.

The best and fastest pass is at 2:44. I let the lipos rest for a big circuit, then powered up before making a smooth 180 turn into the run. I was smooth on the sticks, got it lined up without too much control input and was able to stay in the power longer than any of the other passes. The result was 89.4 according to Speedo, so the better technique paid off.

If someone wants to put some of the passes on Wavescope, it would be interesting to see how it compares.

Also these lipos are hitting some pretty bad voltage sag. I'm thinking that with another 50 to60 watts (about a 33% increase from here), mid to upper 90's should be possible with this fan. I am going to have to refine and slightly enlarge the airframe to accept and carry the larger cells and bigger esc, but pretty impressive for the stock SA motor and fan.
Knife Liddle is online now Find More Posts by Knife Liddle
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