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Some advise needed

Hello BPS members. It has been a little while since there has been any activity here so I thought I might post my questions here. Hmmm, what questions you ask, well I'll get to that in a minute but first a little background information.

I have always wanted to attend the Nats in Muncie. I know I have 0% chance of winning anything but last place but I don't want to go for the competition, I simply want to experience the Nats. As of now I am pretty sure that I can swing going next year, 2013, provided the world is still spinning after this December. I will be taking my Raven as my primary plane and the BoT as a backup plane just in case something unfortunate happens. Competing in the unlimited class is out of the question so I think I am going to fly in the RES class. Not because it will be any less hard core but because I have little experience with full house planes and I have a lot of experience with RES planes.

So where are the questions you ask? Well I have a ton of them but I will only start with a few. First off, I need to get a 2.4 system. I fly 72 MHz and have been very happy with it but Nats requires 2.4. Oh well, I have a spektrum module for my radio but I am not sure what receiver to get. I know some of them are full range and some are park flyer rx's. Between the sattelites, voltage issues, brown out reports, DSM2 vs DSMX ...... on and on, I'm a little lost. Can any of you offer any clarification. The Raven will need at least a 6 channel Rx due to the different wing options and currently I have a 2000 mAh 4.8 volt Rx battery. So questions for you.
  • Will 4.8 volts be enough or would I be better off going to a 5 cell, 6.0 volt battery
  • Reciever recommendations are greatly welcome. My Tx Module is DSM2 if that makes any difference

Additionally any tips or advise in general about attending Nats would be very welcome. I have never been to a big event before so I am really walking into the big abyss here. Who knows, things might change and I might not be able to go but switching over my planes will take a little time and I need all the advanced notice I can get.

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