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Originally Posted by NCRealEstateGuy View Post
Dr. Schlot,
In order for the sound to continue on final approach, like yours did, all the way until touchdown, I am assuming you need to have at least some power on?

yes, in my final approach when i established the stuka in direction to runway i only use slow gas near to idle. At calm winds you can land her without any power like a sailplane.
Problem is for scale flying that this isnīt scale....., a real one would fall down like an apple from the tree.

Also the module turns to cuttoff and then you have no sound.
I do the following procedure to keep sound and prop alive for taxi to start and for landing:
I start the motor with throttle stick and than i push my throttle trim a few clicks forward, enough that the module stays in "Sound mode" and the plane doesnīt go forward. You have to play around with trim and stick to get the right setup.

With these little setup you can fly as usual (you wonīt even notice it) but you are able to get a "scale" landing and taxi back.
When back to your shelter trim throttle backwards to get your engine cutoff.
This procedure is most similar to a rc gas-engine.

Try it out and have fun!

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