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Originally Posted by karlik View Post
I learned on the original falcon 40 V1 and still enjoy flying it. There was a dedicated forum on RCU and pretty much all of us there thought it was a great trainer - cheap, very durable, easy to repair. I still think it's the easiest to fly of everything I've flown so far - as long as there's nothing more than a light breeze.
Walkera ruined it with V2 - not as durable or cheap to repair.

when i was looking for my 'next' heli after playing with a big co-ax 3ch, i was looking at the falcon 40 v2 or the walkera V400D02. I skiped the fixed pitch and went straight for 6ch cp. My whole history with the V400 is logged here on rcg. I learned alot and modded the heli out of it. Now I have made the V400 what it should be, working out all the weak points and adding some 'bling'. Its doing everything i ask it to do as far as 3D flight, and the last crash only caused minor damage. It now stands at 104 flights and 1 crash.

My thoughts on walkera are,

they make great products for the price. Leading the way in micro 3D helis. There parts are expensive and easy to break. (though the fbl head on my v400 has been in many crashes but i've never had to replace a feathering shaft or blade grip). Their servos are crap, even their expensive mg servos. I've had an elevator servo burn in flight (using 2702v rx) but never thought the rx could be to blame. The other two died in a minor crash. The $50 tail servo burnt after 20 flights. I have two 2702v rx's that seem to work fine for a while, then will lock out and crash. Sometime i'll get 5 flights, sometimes 15 flights, but it always seems to happen when you least expect it. One lost the aileron gyro control suddenly makeing turning very tricky. They were great units when they were working, but i dont trust buying another one. The 2801pro rx/tx have been amazingly reliable. If the devo is as stable, i will convert. M120 was great to learn how to fly around, but will not do 3D. Jonathan at WOW was helpfull when i was haveing my servo issues. the lady at walkera was a 'blame shifting b!$&#'. I want a mini CP when i convert my other helis to devo (maybe 12s).
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