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Originally Posted by JohnsPop View Post
I thought you meant flat wing as in no dihedral. You must be talking flat as in the QHor, Gnat or Spa3D. I've never seen anyone make a BUHOR with a flat wing and no airfoil.

As for engine angle, I've never seen enough of a problem to worry about the offset, but I'm not the most graceful flyer out there. Most everyone on just recommends to mount the engines straight so that's what I started doing and it's worked out ok for me.
Well I'm not set on the BUHOR, but I take it they have plans that the main wing doesn't need an airfoil? I have no problem building an airfoil since it seems straight forward.

As far as the mounting the engine straight that is for the info, since I have put ailerons on my wizard I haven't been graceful either lol

Originally Posted by earlwb View Post
Another cool easy to build Spad plane is the SPA3D. I have one I fly from time to time still. It flies slow and makes for a good trainer to get into flying slow and low and can take quite a beating in the process too. It does have a trick to it, in that you can't fly it too fast as the wing will shadow the horizontal stabilizer rendering the elevator useless. But usually you only need to back off the throttle until the starts working again. It is scary when it first happens as you think the servo quit working.

Lol thanks for the heads up and link
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