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The end of the Mk I ED Bees

As promised, here are the last two versions of the ED Bee Mk I.
Carrying on from my last post, a couple of comments need to be made.
Firstly, I haven't shown a "1951" Bee, as it was exactly the same as the 1950 version (which I did show, but it should have been labelled "50/51"!). Also, GH posted a 1951 Bee that looks correct.
OK, that gets us "up-to-date".

The next significant change was at the end of 1951, when ED decided to change and slightly strengthen the crankcase, and change to a bigger compression screw, which obviously necessitated a different head. This change was to be the final model, shown in the second photo.
However, while the new "machined" parts were incorporated immediately, there was still had a small stock of the old crankcases to use up, and this resulted in the "transition" model shown in the first photo, with the new "machined" parts installed on an early type crankcase. All the unmessed with engines I've ever seen in this configuration had a serial number indicating January 1952.
Anyway, fairly early in 1952, the final model got onto the market in its "proper" configuration (photo 2). This final model was produced from 1952 to 1955. The only remaining minor change was that, in 1954 (I think!), the serial number was moved from the front of the crankcase onto the edge of the mounting lug, but I didn't think that was worth a separate photo!

OK, that completes a quick overview of the ED Bee Mk I. I just hope I haven't forgotten anything important...

In a few days' time, I'll try to start a similar review of all the various Comp Specials...
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