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Got mine at last (post from HK was quick, the German Customs and Excise were a lot slower). WOW, pretty good, well constructed and finished as well as being a decent engineering solution. Stripped it down to grease and thread lock but one of the blade holder would not pop off (like EKron), but of persuading and off she popped, flying across the room loosing the thrust beating in the process!! Spent around an hour looking when my wife came in to ask what I was doing, explained including a description and she just said ‘its over there on the carpet’ before turning away to go and make me a cup of tea!!!! Thing is, it was, totally the opposite direction to where the blade grip flew but quite visible on the floor!! Anyway, fitted it all together and it seems to be the ‘whatever’ (insert your own positive expletive here). I now think that the little voice at the back of my head which starts up every timer that I fly my Baby will stop saying ‘your tail is going to fail at any moment’ will now shut up but it will need a few flights to tell.
Watch this space.
Now flown, SEXY!!! Tail locks quicker and after 5 flights NO play and the blade holders move smooooooooth.
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