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The only thing you did not say how it flies compare to the other gliders you own. Do you have an honest opinion how it stand up to a Radian / or Radian Pro or Easyglider Pro? I own all 3 and would like to see a comparison by someone that flown them, not the usual gushing by the makers. General Chinese EPO foam by the way is not even close to strength of Elapor foam in Multiplex planes but I would say better then the mushy stuff they make Radians out of and technically they are all a type of EPO foam.

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I own both the Parkzone Radian and Multiplex Easy Glider Pro and have been in modeling for about 10 years. I have flown powered gliders for about 5 years. I happen to live in Champaign and fly at the same field Hobbico is testing many of these planes. I have looked at the progressive quality of Flyzone planes that Hobbico is active in design and am impressed. The new Flyzone Calypso glider is no exception. The Hobbico team has tested this model to assure of it's performance. I handled and looked over the Calypso and found what appears to be a rock solid glider. I don't think you can go wrong here, Hobbico has a winner on their hands.
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