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Originally Posted by papaalpha View Post
Well here is another sub topic for you! Had another test flight off the slope today before the wind dropped completely and whilst my K13 (off your plan but larger span) is ok in level flight, the battery and 2ozs of lead in the nose are so far forward being a two seater with a longer nose than that of a single seater all is well until a nose drop when it is 'pulled' down into too much of a dive i.e., like everyone on an airliner standing in the front of the cabin which is fine whilst level flight is maintained but if into a nose down position arises, it just steepens into a dive with massive up elevator needed if even effective. So back to the work bench to remove the tailfin and rudder to try yet again to lighten the tail with a profile thin and lighter weight one. At the same time will replace the wing servos with lighter micro ones and the main micro elevator and rudder servos in the fuselage with standard size heavier ones on the basis that it is not just having the necessary weight to balance a model but where the nose weight is positioned, as relatively close to the c of g rather than extreme nose position can be equally important to avoid nose down dives if the nose drops.
You are an absolute asset to this thread, wonderful live beta testing and flight reports. I'm so slow at building that I'll have time to adjust based on your reports! Thanks mate :-)

I was thinking that this build is on the portly side. Might even try covering the tail section with just orocover or similar? Did you sheet the fin and stabiliser with balsa? These might need just covering instead, correct?

I am planning to build a 2m version and will take this all into consideration. Cheers, Thompson
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