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@Flydown, since you asked. I'll share with you my preferred way of doing it. Since, I want to keep it stock, it has two parts. (1) Quick canopy removal (2) Battery connectors.

(1) Quick Canopy Removal
You want quick access to the space, without tools. So, my buddy, Daryoon and I, came up with this idea. Check out his blog page on the mod. Note that at the bottom of the page is a battery mod, but it only works for S105, not S107. The S107 has a shorter canopy. The battery won't fit this way. But feel free to consider the mod and its merits.

(2) Battery Mod
The idea is to add quick change connectors. The simplest thing is to cut up this extension cables from Hobby King. (Unfortunately, they are back order at the moment, but you get the idea). (2a) if you want your S107 to accept other micro batteries that you fly with other models, and charge with your own charger, you want to put the female end on the S107. Then solder the male end on the batteries. (2b) but if you want to be able to charge these batteries with the S107 USB cable, then you have to do the reverse. The S107 batteries have a small overcharging protection PCB built-in. Make sure you keep them there. I have a feeling that you're not new to this hobby, so I won't get into that detail. Let me know if I need to explain more.

Once you do the two mods above, it is just plug and play, and your S107 looks completely stock. No one could tell that it's been modified. CG would not be changed. And it flies just as well.
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