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The first flight of the Harvard was interesting, to say the least. Due to the terrible tailwheel design and my own error of no toe-in it was necessary to plant the tail during acceleration till at least some rudder control. Unfortunately the plane launched far earlier than expected and climbed to 10' where it dropped the right wing to vertical. I was able to immediately level the wings, then at about 4' the left wing dropped vertical. I strongly suspected I was bringing home the plane in a bag, but was able to level it again. By now there was absolutely no forgiveness height, so I chopped the throttle, dropped the nose and planted it back on the grass, bending the main gear aft a bit.

When straightening it I set some toe in and the next launch was much more benign. With the wing setup there was the need for absolutely no roll trim.

I do note the nose up and high power were a recipe for advanced stall, something Bonanza owners may know about, but with no flap for takeoff I was surprised with the behavior. Normally this would move the stall much quicker outboard towards the ailerons, but as I stated I had immediate and strong aileron control. I guess not having a stick in your hands to give some feedback and the fact things can happen so much faster here caught me by surprise.

I'm hoping the Bear is a bit less twitchy. My biggest concern is on landing as it lacks flaps as with the Harvard and therefore will need a bit more speed on approach. Low and slow with the need for a quick power up are definitely the math required for rekitting a plane.
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