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Blender 3-view Tutorials

The following are for the newer Blender 2.5/2.6, not the older Blender 2.4.

Weeliano has 75 videos on YouTube. Many are Blender tutorials.
Use to download his V2 Rocket tutorial for Blender v2.57:

At the 4:55 mark he uses File menu, Import, Image as Plane.
At the 8:15 mark he changes the model so you can see the reference image through it. He uses Properties Editor, Object button, Display, change "Textured" to "Wire"
I used the following BlenderMama tutorial to load P-40 3-views from the Size needed to be 18.0 in Blender to be near scale size.
Image reference in the new 2.58 Blender release
The new Blender 2.58 release comes with a new tiny but useful feature, “empty image display”

In the past I used to UV map plane objects to get image references in my project, then there was the "Import Image as Planes" addon, but now things are even easier.

Add an empty (Add menu, Empty or Shift+A, Empty), then on the Object Data panel, change Viewport Display Style from "Plain Axes" to "Image", load an image (deckchair.jpg in screen shot below) and set transparency (0.580) and size/scale (1.85). The imported image is 1 Blender unit on the x axis, so you can scale it to the needed size.

If you checkmark X-Ray in the Object panel, Display section - you will be able to use the reference in Solid draw type mode (Textured draw type in screen shot below) to easily construct over it. Very nice!

to display Edge lengths.
Tip: Using Empties with Image Display Mode
In this quick Blender 2.5 tip we show you how to use the Image Display mode for Empties that is available in Blender 2.58. This feature gives you a versatile way to work with background images.

Tip: Using Empties with Image Display Mode (5 min 16 sec)
- Length: 5:16

#9 - Jun 29, 2011 at 1:57 am
There is script ‘add image as plane’ but it is good another script turned to be a feature inside base program.
#9.1.1 - Jun 29, 2011 at 12:46 pm
Another great thing about empty images over image planes, is you can go into wireframe and your reference images are still there.

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