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Originally Posted by lrb75 View Post
titanium bearings? Doubtful. Ceramic maybe but not titanium. Maybe titanium carbide coating. Titanium is wonderful stuff but steel works just fine for bearings. You can harden the cr@p out of most alloy steels. Titanium not so much. Stainless steels can't be hardened as much either.
In this cheap motor they are stainless or steel bearings. Hardened steel only stays hardened if they are not heated up. Heat them up with say...the lack of lubrication causing friction and they become soft real quick. (hense the sparks) I highly doubt that ARC is using Ceramic bearings. If they did the motor would cost over $200. Arc is using Titanium from what I read elsewhere, and I can verifiy by past experience. Its rated for 6s and in the 3 years Ive used the ARC motor(the same motor), it has been ran on nothing but 8s,9s and even 10s But its still going. This cheap motor couldnt even handle being run up on the bench. Its most likely steel or stainless and in either case its worthless!

WhalleyB0Y Quit wasting your time and money and buy 2 ARC 28-58 1T motors and go fly!
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