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Originally Posted by zadaw View Post
I don't have the V120D05 but Darryl Fuji reported big problems with it right from the start. I bought a number of Genius CP, Mini CP, V120D02S and Master CP and they all flew straight out of the box without a test hover.
Yes, this was my experience with all but the D05. It may have been built out of spare parts or something at the distributor's site. I don't know. But it was pretty jacked up. I really bought the heli to turn it into something better than walkera did. I think i succeed, though the price tag was too high. It does fly nice now with the D02S version RX and upgraded to the D02S rotor head and shafts. It still can't handle aggressive 3D with it's poor tail hold ratio.

I would gladly trade the whole heli right now for a AR7200BX, since i pretty much determined a 250 is the smallest heli that can remain stable in 3D without bogging the motor horribly because of the high winds here. The V120s do okay with the upgraded motors but i still ALWAYS crash them every day because of the bog. The one saving grace is i never take any damage on the 120s. They fly great in low winds and the servos never strip with my setup. The KDBB blades help a lot with that too. Since installing them i also have not broken any rotor heads or ejected any linkages. Boom strikes are not as hard either. I have not cracked the boom in a while. I'm used to it being cracked from day one and getting worse until i have to glue it 5 times a week and then eventually replace it. So besides the nano, i would still highly recommend the V120D02S as a starter heli. The guy at the LHS was shocked when i told him that. Knowing i fly a Gaui X5. Though, if your experienced and fly 3D on bigger birds. I wouldn't doubt if the 130X will perform better in 3D "out of the box" than the V120. As long as your not getting tail resonance like crazy. I'd bet the stock 130X vs the stock V120 in Darryl or Manny's hands or any 3D pilot for that matter would be noticeably smoother and more consistent output for longer periods in harder 3D moves. The V120s do kind of require a motor upgrade to get into harder 3D and stay consistent. Once that is done i'm sure the V120 is just as good, if not better than a 130X.

But for learning, the V120 is a little tank of a heli with a few modifications.
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