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Because the bottom frame plate is used as a power distribution board, I need some kind of insulation between the board and the frame or else it will light up as a christmass tree (at least for a second or two ) when I connect the battery.
On earlier frames, I covered one side of the double sided epoxy print with another layer of epoxy but that added too much weight to the frame. For this frame, I wanted something more subtle. So now I just cover the area where the frame tube touches the bottom plate.

First off, cut some strips of the 0,3mm epoxy.
Name: epoxy strips.jpg
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And glue them to the frame plate.
Name: glued.jpg
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After cleaning up and sanding, this is the result.
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I think next time I use some double sided tape to hold the isolation in place. saves a lot of time and some cleaning up.

Next are the arms, probably the easiest parts because I made up a drilling jig for the holes on both sides.
The only thing to do is determine how long they have to be.
Name: drilling jig.jpg
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Left side is the frame side, right side is the motor side.

To determine how lang the arms had to be, I laid down four arms on the top frame and placed two props on top of the arms.
I slided them just far enough outwards until there was about 2cm between the tips of the props.
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In my next post I'll put it all together
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