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Originally Posted by suzukirobguy View Post
I got into this hobby with an exceed falcon, and an eagle. Didn't know really nething about helis, other than being coordinated. I was able to get reasonable flights out of both helis, but wasn't satisfied and lost interest. Two years later, I got the bug again, and after wearing the sim out, bought and built an EXI 500. I took my time, read up on everything I could setup-wise, and got it in the air... and back down again, in one piece!!! woohoo!! Anyway, my point is that not knowing anything about heli setups, and troubleshooting, IMO walkera rtf helis will not fly correctly outta the box. Once I knew what I was doing(I thought), I was able to get enjoyable flights outta them. But they definately WEREN'T stock. Many things had to be tweaked, bought, thrown, stepped on, and set on fire! That being said, I still break out the eagle 50, and fly it around a bit. But it's like going from a Chevelle to a Pinto...that backfires.
It should be mentioned that Exceed is a Walkera rebranded heli. Just in case anyone didn't know.
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