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Originally Posted by romanxdsouza View Post
thanks jack ,does the tuffy work well with only 3channels throttle,elev ,rudder.
It could fly RET, I did not build it that way. With 1" of dihedral and a KFm2 wing the RET stability and rudder authority should be fine.

so the full fuse including the boom would be around 32inches correct,i will get used to flying then go for this build but plan it slowly .
On the bottom line of the plan with the grid the inches are numbered. it is annoying to use because you have to scroll up and down to read the values but you can get the length dimension from there. Or you can simply count the number of squares. As an example, the nose is at 32.9" and the tail is at 65.2 so the length would be 65.2 - 32.9 or 32.3".

Don't look for too much precision or accuracy from that plan, just call it a 32" length and that is close enough. if you insist on it, you can call the length to be about 32-1/4".

if i want to build a 36 inches WS tuffy what will d wing cord b ,iwould want to use same measurments as slow stick,can u tell me wat size stabelizers ver/hor and fuse (fuse n boom),would be.......thanks again
The Tuffy has a 40" wing span. To scale it down to 36" you want to change all dimensions by a factor of 0.9 (40 x 0.9 = 36). Another way to think of it is to say that you want to build a plane that is 90% of the size of the Tuffy.

So if you write down all the dimensions you want to know and do the math, you will have the dimensions for the 90% or 36" version.

Warning! Don't let the math make you crazy! Round off the numbers or you'll be working in decimal fractions of an inch that will not come out to anything you can find on a ruler...

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