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Originally Posted by Bob6831 View Post
Yes, elevator moves up when I move the Tx stick down.
O crap! Here we go again. The stick goes forward and back. When you pull it back the elevator is supposed to move up. Up and down depends on how you hold the TX. Back and forth are relative to the TX. Also, since the video game days, for some arcane reason (arcade reason?) up has been defined as forward, which just makes communication impossible. I'm 99.9% sure you have yours right. Remember Indiana Jones flying toward the cliff. "Pull up!!! Pull up!!!" She's saying that because you pull the stick back toward you to give up elevator to climb over the cliff. She doesn't know about stalling, that's not why she's in the movie.

Originally Posted by Bob6831 View Post
I tried the 'glide' test WITHOUT any power on. Not sure I can go far enough to be able to use the Tx before hits the ground.
Note that it seems to be better when I have moved the CG BACK a little, such that it is about in the center of the spar. I had it about at 2.25 inch from LE and now is about 3 inches from LE - leading edge of wing. Note that it appears from different users that this can vary a lot.
Very nice! Your radio range is not less when the motor is not running. You should have out of sight capability without losing radio link, motor or not. Use some glide tests to see if you think you have too much or too little control throw and gain some confidence in your ability to control the thing.

I launch left-handed so my right thumb is already on the stick as I launch. I use a shoulder strap for hand launching.

Then I suggest a launch like this: toss it power off. When you're satisfied you're straight and level, then mix in about half throttle. Without having to dial in any elevator at all you'll see the plane gain altitude. You can slowly mix in as much throttle as you need. If you use elevator, just blip up and recenter the stick. The plane will then climb. It might slowly resume level flight but it will maintain the climb at least for a short time.

For awhile, use the sticks by blipping them momentarily (half second or so) in the direction you want and then releasing. Need more? Repeat. Need less? Blip back for half the duration. No steep turns or climbs. Gain some confidence that your plane will take care of you.

Then you can smooth out your inputs as you gain confidence. I think right now the lack of confidence is as much a problem as what you don't know about flying. Keep at it in a planned, controlled way that you can analyze to improve your technique. You'll get it!
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