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I know where you are coming from.

Have to say the EC12 Class in Australia is following along the lines of what has happened in every other country that has brought in this you beaut NEW MOULD..

The Older Boats get left behind & the skippers get disenfranchised rather quickly. All Bully Boy Tactics...

There is no sympathy nor thought to History.. The Victors write the History...

What has become of the EC12, you just have to ask some of the older NZ Guys..

GOD only knows what agreements were made @ the last US run Morgan Black... Because that is where the seeds were sown & the plans to demolish & destroy the current Australian EC12 Fleets was decided..

Give me a Huill & I'll knock you up a Mould for under $200.. Maybe 5 or 6 pretty quickly.. And Mine would be Identical....

So the price paid by AEC12OA IMHO was Astronomical & Out of This World..

Even the US EC12 site can't guarantee Identical Moulds.. Reading the Potted history & the suggestion of a flopped Mould from the Orginal Test Tank Model doesn't seem to be quite as some have made us all believe.. Justy another Compromise Mould... "The 1995 new standard class plug is based upon the middle-of-the-road Puritan"

The One Glaring Fault with the Australian Appproach is the unwillingness to guarantee that ALL Current EC12's can continue to race as they always have.

The Party's are so far apart that I think the 2 Classes should just go their seperate ways. No doubt the EC12 Club that started it all in Australia will continue.

The Legacy of The NZ & US members will always be their involvement in the destruction of what was once a strong class in Australia.

Let the North have their little IE12 & the rest can have the EC12 as before..

With the recent cancellation of events up North, you can only measure the strength in the AEC12OA when it can't field even a small fleet.

US EC12 History makes for interesting reading....

In 1992 the IYRU-MYRD placed the IEC-12M class on a two-year probation with intention to remove sanctioning unless the issues are resolved.

The IEC-12M plug is now in Australia.

The Simple Answer is staring us in the face...

The ARYA are the Sanctioning Body for any event & the controling body for the EC12 Class in Australia. Like it of Not, That's How It Is...

The ARYA need to take a Heavy & Strong Stance with the EC12. I suggest they put together a Motion for the Upcoming AGM to de-list the NATIONAL CLASS STATUS of the EC12 Class within Australia.

This gives adequate time for the Party's to come together, Find Common Ground & Move Forward. Get the House in Order or lose recognition.. Simple as that...

If that can't be achieved then off they go (EC12) & start to rebuild the foundations of the Class.. The EC12 is then relinquished back to the Skippers to decide their own fate, as happens in every other class that does not have National Class Recognitioin. No need for an NCC or one single person to bear the brunt of all the piffle that comes from that other mob..

Mr M & Mr T & all the Klingons can then start their own little process to regain the Recognition, which will take many years as they build back the foundations & meet the ARYA criteria for such NC Status..


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