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Well, on my first DJI 450 I couldn't get it to connect and I talked to the dealer and he said I could send it back and he would try to figure it out and if not he would send it to China for repairs though he wasn't sure what the process was. I figured it could take months the way this stuff goes and I didn't wat to wait a minute so I immediately ordered another Naza. It killed me to spend the money but I wanted to get the thing in the air. I figured at worst I would have a spare Naza when it got fixed.

Then DJI emailed me back an told me the F1 F2 jumper trick so I was in the air the next day. The new Naza came a day later, and after sitting on the bench for a month, I decided to convert it to a Hex. So it all worked out and I am glad I had an excuse to build the 550.

A friend had trouble getting his Naza to be recognized by the Assitant. It did lots of strange blinking lights. He tried reinstalling drivers. Then he tried on another computer. Didn't work. He brought it over to my house. I believe it didn't connect at first so we plugged in the jumpers and it connected and registered his machine under my email. So now I have three machines registered to me, two that I own and one that belongs to my friend. I set them all up on one computer, all using Assistant 1.8. We still have no idea why his machine did not work on either of his two computers and he is enjoying flying it and has not tried to reconnect it.

I agree with the following:

TJ, Sleep well. I have three Naza's with GPS and I use the same computer to program each of them. I value the opinion of h00t but in this case and my experience, I cannot agree with him. It just has not worked that way for me. The Assistant when it connects to the FC it reads the serial number of the unit and loads the appropriate settings. I don't think it cares from one FC to another.
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