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I just fixed up my buddies HK Pitts Special. He smashed it up pretty good, but I got it back together again. He was just going to gut it out for the electronics, and as he started yanking out the motor and ESC, I stopped him and told him I wanted to fix it back up.

I threw in an Eflite Park 400 with a 9X6SF prop for now. I tested it in my garage and it's strong enough to hold a hover, so it should be fine with that power setup. I'll get some readings on the watts up meter later today. I'm guessing about 24oz of thrust, 10A and about 80 to 100 watts of power, more or less.

I still need to finish putting the pieces of cowl back together. It's a bit of a puzzle but it's getting there.

Luckily, I had a chance to fly this plane a little earlier that day at the flying field. She really is a sweet plane. Nice flight characteristics and you can slow right down to a fast walk with this thing.

I may have to get one of these for myself.

Edit: I just tested it on the "watts up" meter.
Using a fully charged 3 cell Nano-Tech 1300mah 45C-90C lipo pack, I got the following results.....

Peak Watts: 165W (first 10 seconds)
Peak Amps: 13.8A (first 10 seconds)

Constant Watts: 130W (after running for 45 seconds)
Constant Amps: 11.5A (after running for 45 seconds)

Like I said, it can hold a hover if I take my hands off of it while at WOT, so I think it'll be fine. The only thing is that the Eflite Park 400 s rated for 10A continuous and 13A burst. I'll have to be careful if i'm at WOT for more than 20 seconds at a time. I ran it (static) for 45 seconds and then felt the motor, and it WAS a little hot, but nothing close to hot enough to burn my hand by a long shot.

I fixed up the cowl and it looks much better with it on, but it's not perfect by a long shot. Plus I had to open it up a bit so the cowl would line up.

She won't win any beauty pageants but she's got a cowl again.
No problems keeping the motor cool either hahahahaha!
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