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Oh I heard the link pop off & yeah the blades tend to flap around when that happens, but I couldn't see it your video but I thought I heard the blades clashing together. It is good that your plastic dip mod helped out so your canopy didn't shatter, that plastic is so brittle, too bad it isn't made stronger.

[QUOTE=IntegrityHndywrk;23263055]The sound you heard in the video was the pitch linkage letting loose. With no linkage to hold the one blade it simply began flapping like a bird as it went around the rotations. The centrifugal force kept them from hitting up on each other. Luckally there was no boom strike or anything. The throttle was cut so the heli kind of just plopped down and broke the skids and put a crack in my canopy. BUT, the good news is the durability liner i put inside the canopy works well. The canopy did infact crack and split in this second crash. BUT it did not shatter and the pieces all stuck together. So all i had to do was apply some ca and press the parts togeather. After CA the canopy is actually stronger than before and less likely to crack in that same spot. So there is a silver lining to this crash. It helps me validate a prototype mod that i've been sitting on for a month or two now.
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