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There is no need to do anything with the tips... I would worry if the %age (20%) was that high along the whole wing or a large length of it, but after two inches the numbers are more acceptable and much closer to the 10% target we aim at for our sections..
I have made quite a few deltas and propjets where the wings are similar and I have never noticed any degradation in their flight
You've got to go a lot higher with those %age numbers before you will find the wing is noticeably not performing well, and it also needs to be higher over a longer part of the wing..On deltas the numbers also drop to very low %ages down at the root.. again it doesn't matter, low numbers are fine, I never build up the step to compensate for that sort of drop..
keep it simple , 3mm deep or 6mm deep steps (preferred) are fine for this sized model..on bigger models I have gone up to as much as 12mm for the step,but now find instead that two 6mm steps across the chord do a better job and 4x 3mm would do even better..
You have to build to suit your foam, so your options depend mostly on what you've got

Thanks John 6% down it is...

The decor is all 2" tape (staples packing tape).. and the whole of the model will be covered, at the moment I am doing the clear tape where it will be staying white.. On the top there will be another white band , then the rear of the wing will get more yellow.. and the tailplain will be orange...Below it is going to be a simple blue and white design, but first Ive got to get some more blue tape..
I knocked out a couple of suitable logos..laser printed and all covered and fixed with clear tape while I was at it...
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