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Originally Posted by clearprop88 View Post

The Robird, Black Widow, and ALZRC are the same.
I may have had an issue, I'm not sure, but that was with the old firmware.
The new firmware seems to have fixed the problems. I have'nt flown it with the new firmware.
It has a vibration analysys feature, which lets you play back vibes for the head, and tail after a flight. You can also hook up a PC to it, and check vibes on the ground as you run up the heli.
You program the gyro with a PC. I think you can do that with the Beast also.
Vibration analysis seems like it might be a cool feature. Not sure of the purpose or how/what it can be used for. I suppose just to double check things you can't visually see?

Well with the uBeast, you CAN PC program optionally with a USB plug. But the nice thing about the uBeast is it is fully field programmable. Not needing a PC at all. Is the Robird the same way?

The ZYX has a lot of options for programming. USB, LCD programming box, and a REALLY cool, Bluetooth adapter for your phone! How cool is that! I hope everyone else, including ESC manufacturers follow though with something like that! How cool would it be to have a universal programmer for all your stuff in a app on your phone. All you need is the adapter. The price on the ZYX isn't bad either.

I might get one of these, for the sole purpose of research and to compare them to the uBeast myself. But my heart is just telling me to stick to what works before i cause myself more greif. Though I'm sure some people would like to have a comparison of all 3. I just can't afford to do it. My annual heli budget is by FAR exceeded with the X5. I managed to pull a lot of extras out of no where to pull that purchase off. Otherwise it wouldn't have been possible. So i don't want to end up getting something for this heli that is just not going to work out. If i have to save for it anyway. I kind of feel i should go with what i know will work out for now. A AR7200BX or uBeast.
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