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Originally Posted by clearprop88 View Post
I posted this in July about my Robird installation on my V450. It went over like a lead balloon. Not one response.
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The Robird is supposed to be a rebrand of the RC Aerodyne Black widow. Has your experience with it still been good? No issues? Sorry it didn't get any attention. Have you flown the ZYX to compare?

Originally Posted by flint723 View Post
No it's the plastic one... the deal was too good to pass up. Between msh-direct and readyheli I think I'm pretty much covered for parts. But it has been a while since I've crashed anything but the v120. The v120d02s is my "try out new things" heli, even though it feels kind of sloppy in the sky now compared to my 450's. But I agree with you that flying something with bad gyros makes you a better pilot. That's why I decided to go for the ar7200bx though, just to try to eliminate bad fbl controllers as a crash cause.
The heli is still good with the plastic frame. I'm sure it's a quick/cheap rebuild at the least.

Right, about the gyros and learning. I actually used to turn my gyros way down on the V120D02S and my V450. Thats how i learned to fly in the damn wind out here, basically. I now have a pretty good handle on stabilizing the Heli myself. So i fly with the gyros up. In a pinch i know what orientation to move my sticks now because of it. If it's not windy, i can actually put the V450 into swash setup mode. Which turns the gyros off. I can probably fly a round quite a bit like this these days. But i'm not going to try it The reason i went with the Beast was a far to frustrating experience with horrible electronics. Anyone can say what they want. But 15 flights later and there has not been any issue with the X5 and BX gyros. Unlike my experience with every Walkera i ever owned. Could be coincidence though.

Originally Posted by flint723 View Post
Alzrc seems all right. Based on the kit I bought, overall I rate them under Tarot for quality. I did a short build log on my blog if you want to check it out. I did like Alzrc's dfc head initially, but now after only about 15 or so flights, it seems to be developing some play in the grips. Maybe that's normal, but my Tarot dfc head is still tight after 100+ flights and 2 crashes that bent feathering shafts. I have the new tarot cf tail box with thrusted tail grips on the way so I hope it's the same quality as their dfc head.
Yeah, the more i see people and their Tarots. Pictures, videos. Whatever. The more i like Tarot as a company. They seem to be doing things right. They took the Align design, like many have. But instead of just sitting on a, lets face it, basically stolen design. They are moving forward and modifying the design. Those tail grips have been a issue with Align fliers all around. I've found quite a few people who had the same issue when i shot a tail grip off my v450. I don't think Align has any plans on adding thrust bearings. Their V3 designs are like V1 designs with some changes or something. I was looking at one and it was weird. It either was not a V3 or it was a hybrid V1/V2 heli. Something like that. I don't know enough about them, but tarot has the new hotness in 450 tail grips IMO. I'm probably going to get some for my V450 later. As well as a DFC head. Should be a drop in fit with the DFC swash and some new servo horns/balls. I still have to see how the tail grips fit/don't fit.
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