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I am nearing the end of my involvement with this forum. We set out to deliver balanced, unbiased reporting and discussion for the good of the class (without ego's or discrimination). Unfortunately, (and I was warned) it didn't take long before an International poster and his fellow Australia mate, found it necessary to attack and insult our National body, this in simple terms is beyond acceptability by anyone's standard.

Regrettably, we are now faced reality, the imminent collapse of the class in it's present form, and all because people were not prepared to sallow their pride and compromise. At no stage has anyone shown genuine interest to setup a meeting, face to face in open and honest dialogue. Instead we have had to endure the attitude "it's my way or the highway" it's selfish, childish and belongs in the school yard.

Olive branches have been offered (hell I'll throw in the whole tree), and all have been refused. Not once did anyone say, well this is a reasonable starting point, let's get together and nut it out! Mistakes were made on both sides of the fence and yet the world continues to revolve, but look at the consequences. If only we had the fortitude to man up, make the necessary apologies and get on with producing a solution for unity. That's was my wishful thinking.

Remember, opportunities to resolve the differences were there forth the taking!.

My involvement for unity has been futile, and it's time for me to move on and let someone else take up the challenge.

To that end, I am seeking some who is willing to continue this thread in a respectful and unbiased manner. Please let me know by the end of December. If I have no found someone within that time frame, I'll lock this Thread.

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