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Got more done on the small testbed mule. Rear fan unit is attached now. Ive also programmed the v-tail function in the radio since the rear fan is on elevator and the two fronts are on rudder.

This allows the two forward fans to also tilt in unison to help forward or rearward motion while also allowing the rear fan unit to aid the rudder "opposite" tilt directions for yaw correction. I hope that makes sense.

Basically, if you input rudder left stick, the forward left fan unit tilts the thrust direction about 20 degrees max towards the front of the vehilce which pushes that side backwards. The right front tilts the fan so the thrust is aimed somewhat towards the rear which also tries to push the right front forward.
With the addition of the rear fan and it now with v-tail setup, when left rudder is input, the rear fan also tilts so the thrust is aimed slighty to the rear of the craft. This gives two fans trying to push the centrifugal center of the vehicle in a circle arc towards the left, while the left fan unit is trying to pull the front left backwards. This turns the vehicle in a yawed, but level left. Well, thats the idea anyhow.

Everything opposite for right rudder. I'll get some pics of the craft in a day or so with the rear fan setup. I need to get a new power pack for my vid cam too, so once I get that, I can take some video trying to demonstrate what Im talking about.
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