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Originally Posted by turbodriven View Post
No, no additional spars yet. I have to make a real solid effort to keep it under 70mph or that death wag shows it's face. Other than the foam in the wings just being generally soft, it's the only real weakness to this plane. It is my intention to eventually add that additional carbon in the wings. That's just MORE weight though. Which I'm pretty sure I have enough of already.

Here are some additional photos. Inspect them closely to see how I built it.

Bottom is light ply 6" wide. Sides are 6mm depron cords slightly oversize so there is more room. You can make them bigger or smaller depending on what your are trying to fit in. These cords are reinforced with some 1/8 ply which also traps the carbon spars and holds them down to the floor better. Front and back bulkheads are 1/8" lite ply. You'll see that I have the Dragonlink forward of the front spar, the battery and Cyclops OSD between the spars, and the BEC to the left of the ESC behind. To the right of the ESC is the current sensor for the OSD. It's a tight fit... but it works.
That hatch area looks positively roomy compared to my Z2!! I like all the plywood. My Z2 was prone to frequent damage until I rebuilt the centre section with plywood, and added a short section of CF spar across it. Mine is nowhere near as neatly done, but now it is a LOT more impact resistant - quite amazing really. The OEM Z2 should have come spec'd with a proper wood box like yours. Only item that would worry me is the wood motor mount - I like the metal ones.
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