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Originally Posted by choochoo22 View Post
It should be able to turn if you set heading hold in 2D to zero.

This should work but you may need a lot of aileron offset. Otherwise you may wind up with a 1/4 mile radius, which is as good as a straight line.
I tried aileron added during 2D mode - but the Guardian behaves differently upon entering 2D mode and then subsequently using the stick to deflect the ailerons while performing a 2D turn, then upon entering 2D mode while the ailerons are simultaneously deflected by the radio programming. In this latter mode, the stabilizer can actually lower both ailerons simultaneously - as if trying to add camber to the wing. So - a climbing turn is out of the question, at least not without turning 2D heading hold to 0, as you mentioned.

But the climbing part can be done either way - Either by setting the Guardian 2D default trim to have positive pitch, or by setting the transmitter to provide positive pitch when 2D is switched on. The Guardian seems to be happy maintaining the positive pitch in 2D mode, no matter which of these two ways were used to do it. Hmmm - I'm thinking that I need to raise and lower the Guardian in 2D mode without changing the pitch, and see if the Guardian does anything to the elevator as it moves up or down.
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