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So here is my take on the whole situation. And this is the last time i post to this. You can be the judge.

A guy (no names needed) has a bad experience with a certain product/company. He then persuses his pasion to 'bash' the company and its products. He finds another product that he likes, so he is also passionate about pushing that brand. He find a group that does not share his passion for bashing the other company, so he leaves the group. But he is not sastisfied with his efforts to bash the company and the people who do not support his oppinion. So he makes up another identy in the group to use to further his product bashing, and also throw in some personal attacks. He then resurfaces in the group saying he is in no way tied to the 'made up' personal basher. Though they are the only two people i have ever seen use the word 'stone' in place of pound in the thread or anywhere that i have been for that matter. It is definitly not a term we use down here in the bahamas. Anyway, he now continues his bashing in the group, and trying to convince other users that he is a 'bigger man'.

This type of malicious activity, i feel is worth the moderators hearing about, and the banning from the thread.

You be the judge. We are all grown men and women here, and i will like to keep it that way.
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