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Yea i started going over it today. That upgrade thread is like 700 pages. I also checked out the one efflux rc did. My plan kinda was to glass the wings but not sure it will be necessary. Think im planning on cs 10 blade with cp 2800 on 4s. Around 950 watts from what i been reading. I know with the 64mm fan and a dons motor they havr done around 110 to 120 with 650 watts or so. Im not sure if efflux speed varies by the number of fan blades or rpm or its a reflection of Watts. Im assuming with that proposed setup it should do over 100 i would think. I know im gonna have to reinforce the tailerons and the mounts for them at least. Gonna try and keep it light so that i wont need gobs of power to make it fast. I know effluxs one came out to like 52oz or so. Half of that was the 6s battery. I may get the cp2500 so i could also run 5s without needing a 100amp esc. Dont have any plans to go 6s. Dont think ive ever flown a plane that goes 100. Probably like 70 or so is the fastest if i had to guestimate. Thats basically my goal just to hit a 100. Im sure ill get addicted after that though like everyone else. Looking at the planes efflux has done im also wanting a squall. Hard to beat that 30 dollar sale price on the 16. I may end up buying another tomorrow when i get paid. I also may try the detrum combo i got . Think it is 700 or so watts. 80 bucks for plane and complete power system thay goes 100 is a deal
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