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Originally Posted by AndyKunz View Post
We must be missing something super simple, some step skipped or something. Please forgive me if this is redundant, but please do each step exactly per below, don't jump ahead and don't do anything not on the list.

1) Start with everything turned off.
2) Insert bind plug in rx.
3) Power up rx. Servos might jump as power is applied due to noise on signal leads.
4) Verify that LEDs on rx are blinking rapidly to indicate Bind Mode.
5) Prove to yourself that there's no signal to the throttle servo. You can twist it freely. (NOTE: Throttle servo must be plugged into THRO port on the receiver).
6) Move throttle stick to low/off throttle position.
7) Hold bind button/switch on tx as you power it up.
8) Verify that LED on rx changes blinking, goes off, then comes on solid.
9) Verify that you have control of all servos including throttle.
10) Verify that throttle servo is in the low-power position with the stick in low-power position. If not, change reversing switch then power all down and repeat from step 1.
11) Move throttle stick to high-power position. Verify that throttle servo is now in high-power position. If not, stop and tell us what's happening.
12) Turn off transmitter.
13) Verify that throttle moves to low-power position (where it was bound).

Please follow that EXACTLY. Don't add or remove any steps AT ALL.


You fergot to remove the bind plug
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