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I just want to thank Kdean for all the help that he has been to me and making this hobby an enjoyable one. He has devoted his time and effort to help people like me that can't afford to spend high dollars on heli's or equipment. I didn't start collective pitch on Walkera,but on Dynam and esky until i had a friend talk me into buying the v400. I knew that it was cheap and needed some upgrades as it was only intention to be a beginner entry helicopter with ease of parts and repair. I also knew that as i went along with the v400, I would get better and opt for more higher quality helicopters. Some walkera helicopters might be considered junk but that's an opinion of one or another,but junk to one can be a jewel to another.My brother has this esky helicopter which i think it's junk, and i have told him of what i think of it. With that said, he is very happy and has FUN with it and he know's my opinion,but we don't argue about it we just have FUN and fly our junk helicopters of which this HOBBY was supposed to be.
After owning 3 different brands of entry level heli's, i thought the walkera v400 was the best product for me,but not for some others. You also won't see me on other threads of helicopters ( like the esky my brother owns) and tell them it's junk,because i know i will be insulting some one there and also what good would it do other than piss other people off? They already have the helicopter and they know what they have so its totally point less to give them my negative opinion of what i think. Even though my opinion is fact to me..It's still just an opinion.

Anywho. I received my navigation lights for both heli's and will install them and take a video of them. The weather is too bad for flying, so i will vid. from the garage.
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