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After the delays and lack of information I was worried, but I'm pretty impressed with what they've come up with. Yes we don't know the price or delivery timescales, but if they are by end of year for the X9D and mid 2013 for the X12D.I think FrSky have some very competitive products here.

Sure the X9D is no Giselle Bundchen, but what <$100 radio is? What you're after at that end of the market is more bang for the buck. If FrSky can offer similar or better functionality thanthe 9X (which it should do convincingly based on the specs) plus better build quality for not too much money then it will be a great combination. Yes the HK 9XR is looking on the horizon, but for those who've already bought plenty of FrSky RXs this is likely to be preferred given the inbuilt telemetry and audio alarms.

As to the X12D, well... I'm excited . Mixing flexibility, build quality, ergonomics, feel in the hands and price are all far more important to me than looks, but the fact I do like the look of it is an unexpected bonus! I am a little concerned at the size of it (though I suppose given the dual module design this was always likely), but I'm transitioning to fingers and thumbs anyway so it's not a show stopper for me. To my eyese it looks like the love child of the (early proto) Jeti DS16 and a DX8...

+ =

If they can deliver the promised functionality (particularly the mixing flexibility and inbuilt telelmetry with easily programmed audio alarms) plus good quality sticks at a reasonable price I will be very happy.. I have a sneaky feeling this one is going to be more expensive than people might hope - maybe $200-300 - but I'd rather that than the physicals be poor quality. I like my TXs to be still usable 10 years after purchase thanks!

PS - To all those saying "I hate rotary rollers/touchscreens/6 position switches/whatever else", lets not forget that every TX ever made has had ergonomic good points and bad points; there is no perfect layout. The TX manufacturers will be criticised whatever configuration they choose, so they have to choose what is best for Joe Average in their target audience; if you aren't him, don't waste your time being offended! Ultimately the human brain is an amazing thing, and given a bit of time can adjust to most things - I know there were things in my Evo that I hated on day 1, but no longer even register as niggles. At the end of the day if I like the balance of price, features and build quality I there I can't see why anyone would make a big deal of whether it has a roller or not, but maybe that's just me!

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Ouch... just remember the shock of adding 300 grams of lead to balance my Bird of Time this weekend... I don't like it that nose heavy ...
It doesn't matter how much lead you put in the nose mate - flying a BoT is always about as interesting as watching paint dry...
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