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Originally Posted by RENATOA View Post
Not final, one of the some, the closest.
That's why posted, to have feedback.
OK, some feedback then.
I guess it's targeted as entry level (if not, expectations would be higher). Nothing much to say about it. Looks like average radio. Big display is nice. I see no problem there. Just personal preference - I don't like "silver" plastic colours. Ball bearings would be nice, but depends on price range.

Looks pretty well, some cool factor there. Nice.
Second impression - those central knobs looks too close. Hard to say how difficult it would be to use them. Also I'd prefer if they had some texture, they look too smooth, risk of slipping with sweaty fingers.
Those switches looks pretty tiny, I don't want to be afraid to break them.
Corner pots looks odd. Not sure about usability. I'd prefer the ones from older render.
Ball bearings is a must.
Top LCD looks like positionable. It's not necessary. I'd go the cheaper way. Just make sure the display shield is not too glossy.

EDIT: Another thought - if the old render knobs really had switch in the middle, that would be nice. I have Graupner MX-20 and with 3 switches for telemetry (vario on/off, repeat item, next item) there is not enough switches for me to use all possibilities radio has. And yet another thought - rotary encoder would be great. Especially for navigation through telemetry. MX-20 can't do this and it's pain in the ... Well, there should be some features left for X16D I guess
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