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Originally Posted by RotaryC View Post
It seemed to get a bit out of hand very quickly. Kdean was offering to help though, it was the other fella who began being aggressive from what I read.

Lets all get back on topic and enjoy our heli's, the sooner we move on from this the sooner we move on with the hobby IMHO. We should be helping each other out with heli stuff - we're all in the same hobby after all.
Agreed, this thread has gone into a serious tail blow-out. From the start, Kdean has been attempting to make peace with more members than just Harryseed. I still don't think Harry is a troll, although he did resort to troll-esque behavior once angered.

I think it is important to point out that even if Harry does carry 18 stone, he has a 'choice' just like the rest of us. He can choose to be a gentleman, he can choose to be slow to anger and quick to compassion, he can choose to be a protector and not a perpetrator, he can choose to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Just ask, what kind of person goes to a public park to brutally beat someone much smaller than himself in front of small children and mothers? I hope Harry can try to imagine this from the view of a bystander--what would he think of such a situation? Having more muscle doesn't make this OK; it makes it worse! Again, try see things from the view of a bystander that just happend along. As the saying goes, with greater power comes greater responsiblity. Time stops for no one, and one day we will all be old and frail--having the wisdom of many years. When we look back on our lives, what do we really want to see?

Often times, what appears to be strength actually weakens, and what appears to be weakness is actually strength.
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