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Originally Posted by Capt.Crash View Post
Oh and yes the Yamaha is a 1 meter size boat....

Also take a look at the last pic of my Yammer and the Nirvana. The Nirvana is getting knocked down. Notice the wind indicator on the Yammer. I learned to open my sails in those conditions, to bleed off the air to keep from getting knocked down, and make the most speed, while not having to use more rudder, which will also slow you down....
Thanks CC,
I thought it was one meter, couldn't remember what I'd read about it some time ago.

I know what you mean about loosening the main sheet to stay upright, although it doesn't look like it in one of Pauls' pictures where I'm lying flat in the water with sails in tight.

I was actually trying to come about, had just hauled my sails in tight and cranked the rudder over, and a big gust hit me, and knocked me down and pinned me there.

Ended up having to jibe my way out of that one, it was the only way I could stand it up and get turned around.
If we got too close to that lee shore it was shallow there and then you couldn't even chance the jibe without running aground.
It was a good day to test the strength of the spectra lines and the various attachment points and knots etc.
If anything was going to break or come undone, that would have been the day.
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