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Originally Posted by Boomer1 View Post
The sail trim on the boat in the last videos I watched is not trimmed like mine is. My boat handles gusts extremely well, and is very stable in strong wind. I am not one to be critical of how another skipper sails, so I will leave it to the skipper being new to the boat and or sailing in general. I can't say for sure but I can say that sail trim is a factor in the videos.

What I will say is that once you have a Yamaha set up correctly it is very smooth and likes the big stuff. I have sailed my Nirvana and my Yamaha in identical conditions can report the Yamaha deals with the heavier conditions with a great deal more grace than my Nirvana.
Love them both. but got to say it like it is.
Glad to hear it Boomer.
I'd hate to think such a gorgeous boat was't a real good sailor.

I hear they are scarce now. (and pricey)
I do like the bling on them.

I like the scale look, that's why I keep dressing up my Nirvana.

It's the same reason I am in love with the new Fairwind III, ( another beautiful boat, and I can't afford one of those either), and I realize they are not a fast boat with their broad beam etc, but they look great and I hear they sail well, (just not fast).
Fast isn't everything!!!
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