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Originally Posted by out of stock View Post
Why's this thread so dead? Should i not get this model?
I'm guessing that everything that is needed to upgrade this model has been done but as for the model I put my old one through 180 hard aerobatic flights first upgrading the servos to savox and then putting in an eflite power 46 she was one if my fav models but a couple weeks ago after 180 great flights with only one fairly hard landing I was thinking its probably a good time to retire her and get a new one as she has been out in the sun but as luck would have it the very next flight I rolled inverted straight after take off like I have done countless times before and for some unknown reason I pulled instead of pushed and slammed her in destroying her but as soon as I had picked up everything I went straight to my phone and ordered another one with out a second though that's how great this model is
It's not perfect but delivered to aus for under $200 she is brilliant
So far I have not upgraded anything after 15 flights but I think I will drop my savox servos in all around for starters just to be safe although the oem servos have worked perfect I just want piece of mind and then if the magnets detach in the motor ill drop the power 46 in
To be honest it's such great value that after Xmas I'm considering buying another one just to put away for a rainy day
It's not perfect but for the price I'm more than happy to upgrade her
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