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New nano fibre fabric..for composites...New Zealand

Hi all,

I figured some of the composite DLG makers on here plus the composite materials suppliers would be interested in this..I think also the balsa DLG side could benefit...

I found out about this via the tech section in the NZ Herald newspaper last week....its a local Nz company who have figured out how to make nano fibres using a variation on a spinning tech dating back to the early 1900' will need to have a look at their web site plus a customer of theirs (Kilwell Fibre Tube) who is now using the fabric in making carbon fibre fishing rods and blanks etc...

I have bought 6m of it to try it out on some of the DLG plans I the Manta and Mimi...RCM Bug etc....its is used to add strength to the glue in the joints of a composite....and is incredibly light weight....apparently they have been able to get a 20% increase in flexural strength and impact resistance ("impact energy de-localisation..shock absorber") carbon fibre composites....hence I believe it may be useful in the DLG made from this process and vacum bagged etc....

The company is called Revolution Fibres and the fabric is called Xantu.Layer..(AP and Gold) .their web site is ( they are happy to export this over them direct)

They have info and a brochure that is downloadable from their web site...

The fishing rod tube manufacturer is also based in NZ in Rotorua and is

Testing pdf info..

It has a waxed paper backing sheet as it is hard to handle once free of seem to waft around easily being so light....

I think it will work also in reinforcing the glue joint in balsa tails on DLG's etc...thats what I plan to try it on...

Anyway I wanted to let you guys know as it appears to be a possible improvement to the composite structures being used in DLG's and also possibly in balsa built up ones that it strengthens the adhesive/glue joint itself...kind of a composite within a composite..they have a composites bloke in the company and from what I have seen online the Kilwell people seem to have access to the tech side as well as a lot of commercial experience in fishing rods etc...



(FYI I am not a part of the companies above, nor employed nor associated to them...just an avid DLG fan)
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