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Just to give some feedback to all those who contributed:

I have finally managed to get myself 5 litres of clear Methanol and 3/4 litre of Carbulin oil, and started testing.

In glow configuration, the engine needed 10% Nitro, and 10% Carbulin.
Tests with my normal 2-stroke fuel (2% Nitro and 15% oil) showed the engine kept running, but was overheating somehow.

I made 5 times 1 liter of 0% Nitro fuel with alternately 14, 13, 12, 11 and 10% Oil and started testing. I leaned it out on each fuel until power reduced again, than two clicks back.

It came out clear, that 12% performed the best, and the differences between 13 and 11 % Oil were pretty clearly noticeable.

It strikes me as odd, that if fuel consumption goes down with approx 20%, and I need to increase oil by about that same amount. Apparently the 10% lubrication I was using in the past 10 years, was pretty much spot-on optimal.

During these tests I closely monitored the oil coming from the crankcase breather, and I noticed that even on the 11 and 10% fuel, the oil stayed clear, Slightly discoloured, no metal particles visible no "burnt smell" and even the quantity per minute of flight did not noticeably change....

I still like to keep the engine a bit cooler, but on the 12% it kept running consistent.
On the higher oil content the engine noticeably lost power after one or two minutes of flying, on the lower oil content, the engine did not develop power from the start.

At the moment I'll leave it at this, and try to find ways to improve cooling.

Brgds, Bert
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